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What's the features of PTFE Teflon non-stick oven baking liner?

Let us learn the features of PTFE Teflon non-stick oven baking liner!

CHANGWEI PTFE Teflon non-stick oven baking liner is made of glass fiber cloth with non-adhesive surface and high temperature resistance. The cooking liner can prevent oil dripping from accumulating on the bottom of the oven. After baking, the disc can be used directly without cleaning again. During fat-free cooking, reduce the amount of fat, and can be cut to any size according to the size of the baking tray and frying pan.

Main features of PTFE Teflon non-stick oven baking liner:
● It can be cut arbitrarily according to the size of the oven;
● High-quality results of professional baking;
● Professional anti-adhesive surface layer;
● Baked food is more uniform and comprehensive;
● Reusable on either side;
● No oil leakage, no additives, suitable for low temperature cooking;
● It can be used safely in low temperature, high temperature and microwave;

● Dishwasher safe, non-toxic, safe and easy to wash.

The main application scheme of PTFE Teflon non-stick oven baking liner:
● For food heating;
● Used as oven Liner, high temperature Liner, grill Liner, etc.

The main specifications of CHANGWEI company's PTFE Teflon non-stick oven baking liner:
● CWF-T0150, 0.08mm brown, black baking Liner
CWF-T0220, 0.13mm brown, black baking Liner
CWF-T0160, 0.08mm high grade black silver baking Liner
CWF-T0250, 0.13mm high-grade black silver baking Liner

Mesh Baking mats, such as 1*1mm mesh, 2*2, 4*4, 10*10, etc.

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